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setting sail at 16

Sixteen-year-old Zac Sunderland set sail two weeks ago, by himself, in hopes of becoming the youngest solo circumnavigator around the world. Don’t worry, he’s calling his mom about twice a day so he’s fine even if he is climbing all the way up the mast during crazy swells and letting the […]

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we need a vaccine for viral marketing

When social media first started out, it was like the clouds parted & little digital angels started singing for me. I saw all the possibilities of reaching mass amounts of people in a much more personal way. I thought we could push the boundaries of para-social relations with celebrities really […]

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comment here

Under the advice of many, I upgraded WordPress.  I really only did it to get this comment spam issue under control. Even with my new system of asking my users who want to comment to set up accounts, I still had spam out the whaazoo. See, apparently spammers are people too […]

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