1 metric, 1 minute

To help my students with their social media monitoring on-going assignment this semester, I decided to start a short video series explaining 1 metric in just (about) 1 minute.

The purpose of the videos is to help students sort through the mounds of data that they can collect. I want to help them determine what meaningful and actionable metrics they can track. Measurement, especially in an ever-changing environment, can be a little intimidating. I am hopeful these little tips help my students focus their attention on measuring things concepts that really get at understanding engagement – not just numbers for the sake of numbers.

I decided to do videos rather than cover tips daily in class to not only save time in class, but give students a chance to review the tips as they desire.

The videos are basic (this is an intro research methods class, after all), but if you are interested you can follow along at 1 metric, 1 minute playlist.

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