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Given that my research agenda has traditionally been online political communication, you can imagine my pleasure when I saw that PBS is teaming up with YouTube for a “video your vote” event. Yep, exactly what it sounds like. They want their army of citizen journalists to interview people, talk about the issues & (if possible) record voting irregularities during the election. A select group of videos will be featured on PBS‘ election coverage.

I already submitted my “early vote” video from a few weeks ago.

This event is not so surprising when you consider that consumer-generated content is KING this election cycle. We saw hints of it during the 2004 election, especially with the grassroots support of the Dean campaign. But that was nothing like we have now in 2008.

At the same time that we have more citizens picking up their flips or blogging from their blackberry, we have a a world where mainstream media is actually beginning to embrace social media. I wouldn’t say they get it as much as they humor us the audience with the novelty of Twitter integration on CNN and YouTube video calls — but it’s happening & that is a start.

So video your vote. If you do, post your link here too!

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