live stream post mortem

The first-ever live stream of a presentation at UGA Connect WORKED. Well, sort of.

way too much on one screen. on TwitPic

I was thrilled that Karen Russell allowed me to take a chance & live stream my presentation on relationship and ethics at Connect. From my perspective, the presentation was just like any other one that I ever done … the only change was that I clicked a button before hand to start the stream then ignored the laptop the rest of the presentation.

It was my intention to record the presentation so I could also post that … but, it being my first ever live-stream on demand, I failed to remember to hit record the broadcast. Sigh.

On my end, the chat didn’t work. That probably would have confused me anyway. I hear there was a lot of talk about me being sponsored by Herbal Essence (perhaps because my hairs were so loud & proud?) & requests for me to put my new puppy on the live stream. Sorry guys, no sponsor & Ali is across the street napping right now. She can’t be bothered. Apparently there was also some discussion of my mixing the phrase “big honkin'” with quantitative statistics.

I understand that Auburn’s Robert French also put the live stream up on PR Open Mic, which makes me happier than you can ever imagine. This is what social media is all about. Sharing information, experiences & get togethers. I love it.

I’m told there were more than 10 remote viewers across the nation – mostly practitioners, viewing remotely. It doesn’t get any better than that.

I hope more people try to experiment with live streaming conferences …. just remember to hit the record button!

Note: Image from Kevin Dugan (@prblog) of his desktop while watching my live stream.

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  1. Hey, Kaye. Enjoyed the live streaming of your presentation very much. Great job.

    Credit Phil Gomes with the idea to embed it on the front page of PROpenMic. He IM’d me at the beginning and I quickly put it up on the front page. Easy to do. Copy & paste the code.

    I, too, am excited about the idea of streaming class presentations and more. I’d especially like to embed some Oovoo chats with people from around the world in PROpenMic, for instance. The problem? Finding people (a) willing to do it and (b) have webcams.

    Maybe we could do a test run with our classes (UGA & Auburn)? If we can just find the right project and then find classes that share the same times. Just one of many ideas floating through my mind. We could even have a virtual conference solely with video. My mind keeps spinning with ideas. :o)

    Thanks for doing this today.

  2. Holly says:

    I was very excited for UGAConnect this year. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be there, but I tried to keep up via the web. I heard it was amazing, and I love that it was accessable to practitioners and students who could not attend.

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