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Comment spam is taking over my blog.

You don’t see it because I have comments moderated. But when I log in to my blog & I have more than 8,000 comments waiting to be moderated — of which only ONE (yes, one) is a real comment — well, we have a problem.

I love your comments & don’t want to turn them off. I like that some posts really become a discussion.

So …. To combat this I’m switching around the way the blog handles comments to see if I can beat the spammers. I know this is going to be a pain for those of you who do like to comment, but it can’t be half as big of a pain as it is for me to wade through all the comment spam.

Here are the changes for commenting on this blog:

  • people wishing to make comments must be registered users
  • I’ll allow any real, non-spammy person (naughty or nice) to become a registered user
  • you must be logged in to comment

I hope you still do comment on the blog – even with these road blocks.

And if you have suggestions for other ways to combat this problem, please register & leave a comment đŸ™‚

In the time it took me to write this post (less than 5 minutes), I got 11 more spam comments.

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  1. Chris Paine says:

    Wow. Sorry to hear about the spam. Sadly, I don’t seem to have this problem. I loved reading you blog then missed it when fell off the grid. Then I found it again. and it’s a great read.

    Glad to hear about your new digs. I hope everything is working out for you. I didn’t get my Ph.d. after all. I discovered I really wasn’t a researcher. I’m currently working at the Palm Beach Daily News. It’s a small paper with a high quality audience.

    If you’re curious, you can look up my blog at

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