intermedia agenda setting across ads, blogs & news

When I was an assistant professor at LSU, I had the pleasure of working and collaborating with Guy Golan. Guy & I joined our data sets from the 2004 presidential election (mine on blogs, his on tv broadcasts & spots), brought in agenda-setting mastermind Wayne Wanta, and this article was born. Many moons later it has seen itself into print:

Sweetser, K.D., & Golan, G.J., & Wanta, W. “Intermedia Agenda Setting in Television, Advertising, and Blogs During the 2004 Election.” Mass Communication & Society, 11 (2), 197-216.

ABSTRACT: This study examined whether the candidate-controlled public relations tools of political ads and candidate blogs were successful in influencing the issue and news agenda of the major television news networks during the 2004 presidential election. Data showed strong correlations between blogs and the media agenda. Advertisements did not correlate with the media agenda. Cross-lag analyses showed that the media set the candidates’ agenda. The authors suggest intermedia agenda setting occurred as the media transferred their agenda to campaign blogs.

Keywords: blog, advertising, television, spots, ads, political communication, campaign, election, political public relations, intermedia agenda setting

My univerisity doesn’t have access to the most current issues of the journal online so I can’t download the PDF. If someone out there can & would be willing to send me the PDF then I would greatly appreciate it! If/when I get a PDF, I’ll post it here & on my CV page.

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  1. tiffanyderville says:

    Kaye, I don’t get full text access to Mass Communication & Society either. Perhaps you could save your article in Word as a pdf or scan a hard copy from the journal?

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