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Under the advice of many, I upgraded WordPress. 

I really only did it to get this comment spam issue under control. Even with my new system of asking my users who want to comment to set up accounts, I still had spam out the whaazoo. See, apparently spammers are people too & they all created accounts for themselves. Then commented as usual. Great.

So. I now have some new fancy plug-ins installed to combat spam. 

I opened up comments again (non-registered users welcome to comment) & I need your help! Can you please comment on this post so that I can see how your REAL comment pops up in comparison to a dumb spammer comment? 

Spammers reading this out there – you are welcome to comment too. I don’t even know why I said that, you probably already have your dumb comment on the clipboard ready to paste into the comment box. 

15 Responses so far.

  1. Comment comment comment comment. Comment comment. Comment comment comment.

  2. kaye says:

    okay – Karen’s doesn’t count cause apparently she was on the auto-post list. that’s just how she rolls. blanket ability to comment anywhere she wants & have it posted immidiately.

    Anyone else out there want to be nice & leave a comment here for me to test?

  3. - says:

    here’s a fancy comment. how you like me now? ohhh!

  4. Audrey says:

    Hey Dr. Sweetser–saw your cry for help on Twitter. Can I get some retroactive extra credit for this? Or maybe a recommendation 🙂

    p.s. I have a picture standing in the exact spot of your blog photo taken last September

  5. Constantin says:

    Is Akiskmet installed on your blog? 🙂

  6. Do I want to be nice? hmmmm…. but I will comment! 🙂 Spreading vegan goodness and green leafy love all over your website! 🙂 (do you consider me a spammer now?)

  7. kaye says:

    Whoooo! I think that it is working! Thank you commenters!

    Constantin: yep, I have Akiskmet on my blog. You think it’s good?

  8. kaye says:

    Audrey: retroactive bonus. Hilarious. How about good karma in the social media world? 🙂

  9. Thanks so much for your help about the “right numbers” the other day.

  10. Craig says:

    Your tweet is my command, Sweetser. –c

  11. Reflecting Constantin’s suggestion, Akiskmet is the way to go. It takes care of everything for me. I also block any post with more than one link. On occasion, Akiskmet has blocked an authentic comment, but it only happened twice this year.

  12. Constantin says:

    Yep, Akismet is pretty darn good, IMO

  13. Mark says:

    Comment comment and, oh yeah, comment. Akismet rocks, that’s all I’m saying.

  14. Lizzie Azzolino says:

    Look at all these comments. You’re so popular!

  15. Pete says:

    Once you do a little research on this commenting issue please inform us how it turned out. I too would like to know.

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