impact of stealth political messages online

A piece from my disseration (man, was it that long ago?) was just published:

Sweetser, K.D., & Kaid, L.L. “Stealth Soapboxes: Political Information Efficacy, Cynicism, and Uses of Celebrity Weblogs Among Readers.” New Media & Society, 10, 67-91.

This study tests the effects of personalized and `stealth’ political discourse on weblogs (or blogs) and the repercussions on levels of political trust, information efficacy and political uses/gratifications. By surveying readers of three different blogs (N=1838), this study identified significant effects as a result of exposure to political statements on blogs. Indeed, there were differences in the levels of political cynicism depending on how political statements were communicated. Readers of non-political blogs were more confident in their level of political information and their ability to participate in politics. Finally, political uses/approaches and avoidances were examined, as were differences based on gender and age.

Keywords: blog, celebrity, cynicism, Internet, online, political information efficacy, uses and gratifications

My univerisity doesn’t have acces to the journal online so I can’t download the PDF. If someone out there can & would be willing to send me the PDF then I would greatly appreciate it!

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