shamp’s secondlife

The most interesting thing I’ve done all week (& trust me, it has been an awesome & interesting week!) was to listen to the class-cast from 9/11 when Dr. Scott Shamp and his hair-flowing-avatar-having assistant Matt from the New Media Institute both taught my social media class about SecondLife.

Dr. Shamp called SecondLife the “wild west” & talked about the lawless nature of the virtual world … how businesses are using it … how users are using it …. how people actually earn a living exchanging Linden dollars for real dollars. It was off the hook. But maybe I’m just way into this stuff.

We can’t see what happened as they show my class SecondLife, but the audio quality is good enough & the content is interesting enough to keep me listening.

If you have sometime, check out this class-cast on SL.

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