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I did an internship as an undergrad. It wasn’t a real internship. At least by my standards today as a professor. But an organization needed a Web site, I had time & I needed the credits. So viola! Instant internship.

In order to get the credit for it, I had to write a 2 page paper at the end. All reflective etc.

Ahhh. But these days interns can blog!

And blog they do.

I found a few interesting intern blogs through an easy google search. Yes, there is Ross the intern – but I wouldn’t consider his experience the norm. I like the Bravo blog because it really does what I would want in an intern blog – tells me what the intern is doing & walks me through the experience. The TeenVouge blog, not so much.

Aside from the organizational perspective, there are blogs that the interns keep on their own. It is a good way to look back on the experience & reflect. Or vent. Little free advice: don’t let your intern blog get your fired.

From a college perspective, it looks like KU’s journalism folks have it all figured out: they have a college blog where their students post their cross-country intern experiences. Now if only they would update it! This seems like a great way to get next semester’s interns ready for their first work experiences & promote the students to the industry. (Are you listening Grady College?)

I can’t wait to get back on campus & hear about all my students’ intern experiences. From Lindsay in LA to Bonnie in the UK – I want to hear all the details!

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  1. kaye says:

    update: just saw this article about Lindsay’s intern experience in the Athens newspaper!

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