communicating through crisis

A small collaboration I did with LSU doctoral student Emily Metzgar was recently published in Public Relations Review in their special issue on social theory:

Sweetser, K.D., & Metzgar, E. “Communicating during crisis: Use of blogs as a relationship management tool.” Public Relations Review, 33 (3), 340-342.


Using a post-test only experimental design with control group, this study investigated the impact of blogs on relationship management during a crisis. Participants (N = 109) were exposed to a personal blog (n = 45), organizational blog (n = 46), or control (n = 18). Results indicate blogs impact the perception of the level of crisis an organization experiences. Additionally, relationships created through blogs impact the perception of crisis. Use and credibility were also investigated.

keywords: relationship management; crisis communication; blog

If you are interested in this topic, you should also check out some recent work by Tom Kelleher and Trent Seltzer – both UF alums, I might add.

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