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I’m teaching a class on social media in the fall at UGA in Grady:

Social Media and Communication Networks (ADPR 5990)

Social media, described as the online tools used for connecting people to share opinions or information, is becoming a more important communication platform for people and organizations. This course will examine the historical context and impact social media and communication networks has on society and the communication industry by exploring theory and case studies relating to blogs, podcasts, wikis, social bookmarking, viral video, social network tools (FaceBook, MySpace) and social media press release among other social media. With an emphasis on the building relationships with publics, this class will discuss industry trends and how to integrate such tools into organizational communication. As a part of this class, students will write a comprehensive proposal for integrating a social media tool into an organization’s overall communication strategy and detailed plan for measuring the effect (metrics) of the proposed tool.

I plan to do lots of class discussion. Lots of skype’ing in experts for guest lectures. And lots of learning about social media myself … looking at it all from my students’ perspective.

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  1. ffbgirl says:

    I wish I could take this class! I would be interested to see the syllabus once the course gets going! Sounds very interesting!

  2. Tom R says:

    I agree. Can I sign up for the class?

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  4. Colin McKay says:

    This sounds like an interesting course, Kaye. Are you going to touch on how governments could use social media to revitalize their existing connections to communities, interest groups and NGOs?

    After all, governments at all levels are pretty much obsessed with developing relationships with various publics – but most of those relationships are still based on the government speaking to someone, and waiting for a reaction.

  5. kaye says:

    Colin – without a doubt I’ll talk about that. I’m a Navy Reserve PAO so how government public affairs uses social media is of interest to me. We’ve done some neat things SM-wise at my Navy command in the middle east (NAVCENT) – check them out at . Thanks for visiting my blog – I read yours all the time!

  6. This class sounds exactly like something Grady needs to round out our experience as students. I am kind of sad I will be graduating and unable to take this course, which is so relevant to the new PR strategies of today. I hope your lectures are podcasted so I can listen in. Best of luck with the class!

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