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I’m a little behind the curve when it comes to podcasting.

Don’t get me wrong. I think it is great.

But hearing my voice? Ummm. No. Not so great.

Well, that was before I was asked to teach this awesome social media class for fall.  And before I had a student athlete e-mail me about a time conflict regarding practice & the class. And before I thought: “wouldn’t it be totally awesome to podcast my social media class?”

Yes. I actually thought both totally & awesome.

So. I’m committed.

I’ll do it.

But I’m totally nervous about it.

Beyond my granny-esque sounding recorded voice, and the extra work I’ll likely be adding to my plate trying to figure this whole thing out & do it twice a week … I’m nervous about having my class sessions actually recorded then on the Internet for the world to hear.

Anyone who has ever heard about some of the crazy things I’ve said to my classes is probably nervous too. For legal reasons, of course.

Even with these struggles – I’m jumping in, head first.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. You know, from software choices to avoiding the sure firing of my little un-tenured self.

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  1. Karen says:

    Talk to the folks in Instructional Multimedia Design and Development at the Center for Teaching and Learning. I’m pretty sure they can help with the technology side of it.

    Looking forward to hearing your granny voice… totally.

  2. Steve Field says:

    I am no podcaster, but I hear that the Levelator by GigaVox is pretty good. You may want to check that out.

    Looking forward to you foray into the world of podcasting!

  3. William says:

    Just don’t say anything that’ll rile-up David Horowitz.

    Sounds like a great idea to me, though. It will be a lot of extra work.

    For instance, what will your podcast consist of? The lecture given in class, a short version or something completely different (but still related to the course, of course)?

  4. Paull Young says:

    I’m a relatively new podcaster myself – it really is very simple.

    I’d suggest downloading the free program Audacity to do any editing you need for the sound file.

    As Steve said – the Levelator is incredible, a must use tool for spoken word podcasts.

    Also, here’s a post from Robert French about the podcasting upload process at prblogs.org (it might be somewhat useful) http://prblogs.org/2007/03/04/more-upgrade-news-how-to-podcast-at-prblogs-dot-org/

    Feel free to drop me an email if you’ve got any further questions!

  5. kaye says:

    Good info & tips.

    For William – I haven’t figured that part out yet … any suggestions welcome! 🙂

  6. ffbgirl says:

    The professor for whom I worked pod-casted for our introduction to journalism writing class. She didn’t actually cast her lectures but rather extra nuggets of information that would help students in the course. She might be able to advise you about the software she used as well as the ups and downs of the adventure… You remember who taught that class when you got your phd, but if you want I can get in touch with her about this. Good luck with it!

  7. There is a nice, clear book on the subject: Podcast Solutions, Friends of ED; you can get a used copy for only $9.

    Audacity, Levelator — both great. Record directly into your computer. Plug in a mic (if you have a Mic In; if not, buy a USB mic).

    You will do great!

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