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I was thrilled to find out that next Wednesday is (what I’m unofficially calling) social media day for the Georgia chapter of PRSA.

The day begins with a pre-luncheon seminar April 11 in Atlanta, where a top-notch panel promises to answer:

  • What are the rules about what you can and can’t say when you’re blogging on behalf of your organization?
  • Does the fact that consumers are becoming media online keep you up at night?
  • What should and shouldn’t PR practitioners include on their MySpace page? And, by the way, does my company need one, too?

Then it is time for the main show:

Richard Edelman will discuss his experience as the first CEO to have a blog and what he’s learned since the inception of 6 A.M. He also will focus on the importance of blogs and other conversational mediums and the reasons why they should be a part of any company’s public relations plan.

Our UGA PR students are heavily encouraged to skip class (well, it is gorgeous spring weather here now) & drive down to Atlanta to participate. Those going should give me a heads up though – it could save you money!

It goes without saying (so for fun, I’ll say it!): I’ll blog this.

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  1. […] the ATL social media day, hosted by the PRSA Georgia chapter, a real-live journalist sat on the panel at the pre-lunch […]

  2. Did you attend this event?

    If so, how was it?


  3. By the way, if you are still involved with social media, I would like to invite you to participate on


    Nelson Bruton

  4. kaye says:

    It was a very good event. I especially liked the morning session panel better than the lunch key note because they brought together diverse perspectives (small agency specializing in social media, large corporate, journalist).

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