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It is no secret from the words I blog here or the company I keep online that I am a huge supporter of PR practitioners engaging bloggers and even trying to blog themselves. I recently returned from a visit with the US Central Command “bloggers” on the Media Engagement Team (MET) in Tampa & am proud to report that they “get it” in regards to reaching out to bloggers.
A DefenseLink article on the CENTCOM MET explains the basic rules of engagement:

The team contacts bloggers to inform the writers about any given topic that may have been posted on their site. This outreach effort enables the team to offer complete information to bloggers by inviting them to visit CENTCOM’s Web site for news releases, data or imagery. The team engages bloggers who are posting inaccurate or untrue information, as well as bloggers who are posting incomplete information. They extend a friendly invitation to all bloggers to visit the command’s Web site.

As with anything related to a military public affairs message, there are those that don’t understand what a program like this is about and those that get really excited about it.

Here’s the deal – the MET just wants the world to know about the content on the CENTCOM Web site. They reach out to blogs on both sides of the military/war issue. If a blogger wants to just use CENTCOM content about the casualty count related to the war then the team has done their job by making sure accurate information is available to public. If a blogger wants to post pictures or comment on some of the humanitarian efforts by US forces, well then the MET has done their job.

It seems to be the weekend of manifestos & I have in turn written my own on military public affairs engagement of bloggers.

More to come …

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