/unannounced blog pause

Even though this is a metablog, I try to avoid metaposting as much as possible. But after getting a frantic e-mail from a friend of mine asking if I was still alive because my blog hadn’t been updated since November, I should probably explain myself.

I’m thrilled to announce that I will be joining the team in Grady College at the University of Georgia in the fall. This is an exciting move for me & I look forward to all of the opportunities there. So you can see how planning this move has kept me rather busy.

I have also spent the last few months working on some exciting blog projects. These projects include surveys & I didn’t want to “sensitize” my possible respondents if they happened to Google me & find this blog. I’m not the only one who feels that way – Tom Kelleher posted the same sentiments on his blog.

So this being a blog about blog research, it seems fitting I should update you on the all great studies being published. My blog research reference list shows the studies I’m aware of – but I know there must be more. Among my favorites are those by Tom Kelleher and Barbara Miller, Denise Bortree, and a conference paper from Trent Seltzer. You might call it an amazing coincidence – but all of these folks (save Miller) are University of Florida products.

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