Every day when I wake up, I do the same thing. Check my e-mail, check the blog feeds I subscribe to. I continue this frequently throughout the day & it is always the last thing I do before I go to bed.
This morning as I checked my feeds, I thought “She couldn’t have written another 2 posts because she just posted late last night” as I saw an indication from BlogLines that I had posts waiting to be read from Lois Ann Scheidt‘s Professional Lurker blog. Nope it was true. Two completely new posts.

That is when I said, when does she have time to do all this blogging?

Then it struck me. Kinda like when you look in the mirror & see you aren’t 22 anymore & wonder what the hell happened.

I used to blog a lot. Every day. Don’t believe me? Check my archive. Now? Not so much. Once or twice a month if I’m lucky. I blogged more this summer, but alas now that I’m back on campus for the new semester my blogging has slowed again.

It’s not like I have less say. In fact, there are tons of things to talk about in the changes in blogs, the research I’m doing, etc. Plus, my husband says I talk all the time, so it certainly can’t be that. I’m not really sure if it is a matter of having the time – after all, I did watch all 3 episodes of Tommy Lee Goes to College while I was coding for a project the other night.

So what has changed from the grad student me to the professor-seeking-tenure me?

I’m not afraid that what I say will be used against me in a court of tenure. I don’t care if my students read this & think something differently of me. Anyone who has ever spent five seconds on my personal Web page knows I could care less that I have put so much of my life out on the Internet (pictures & such).

I don’t really have an answer as to what might have changed. I am doing more research – especially more solo projects – than I ever was before I received my PhD. I’m sending more things out to publication & therefore a bit more reluctant to post my findings on my site in case a potential reviewer reads my blog (you never know). I’m certainly not over blogging & it still gets me all revved up and inspires me.

So there is no 30-second moral of this post – just a head scratching observation.

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